Hi, Im 15 and live in the most boring place on the planet-Northampton.
I'm really just an average girl, I've had tumblr for ages but just never done my own blog, just cried over everyone elses..
I just wanna be skinny.. Everything looks better that way..
im corrently 5ft,7. &155lb..
GW- 120lb
by prom 6th of july<3


asdfghjkl-yes asked
You are beautiful.. I don't think i have seen any pictures of you but you seem like the beautiful kind of girl.. You don't need to be a 'Tumblr girl' to be loved.. I'm 13.. 105 lbs 4ft 11. Im short and have lost of unwanted weight.. I have been rejected a couple times, not the funnest thing to live through.. Just saying your not alone. :')

i’m really sorry, i’ve only just since this:(, thankyou so much honey, i came on tumblr today cause i was abit down, and this has just made my day<3 always here if you need a chat honey!